Friday, 30 November 2012

A big NO! or A big YES!

Many of you either during chat sessions, personal encounters or fb msgs have asked me the following questions! I think its time i answer them with a NO or YES ! Let's do this! :)

1. Do you get your material from online?
     Ans : NO! We have to write our own material. You can be inspired by an idea but not copy a joke. That's theft.

2. Do you take jokes from each other ?
   Ans : NO! and YES!  If someone has helped us complete a joke and he/she says : " It is your joke!"...It is your joke. Stand-up comedians help each other at some point during comedic discussions.

3. Has it ever occurred that the crowd has been entirely silent during your comedy set?
Ans : YES! Sometimes it happens when you don't connect with the audience and they don't find you funny..on days like these.. just got to learn and move forward!

4.  Can anybody do stand-up Comedy?
Ans : YES and NO. If you're meant for will happen. Prepare 3 mins worth of material and come forward..after the first time if you are still inspired to do it.. its for you!

5. Have you ever been heckled?
Ans : YES! Once or twice by some drunk guys but you have to get those tricks ready to answer back! The truth is you have a louder voice! You have a mic - they don't. A smart comeback and you win the audience over even stronger.

Keep your questions coming folks and I will try to answer them... and if i cant...i will get some professionals to answer them for you!


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Doing it for the first time! - Yes, I mean Stand-up!

How was my first time? A question many ask me.
Well, the truth was terrifying to say the least. Rishi Budhrani - a fellow comedian gave me a thumbs up just before i went on to stage for my debut at Comedy Masala. I looked up at Umar Rana ,the owner of Comedy masala, for some encouragement and he looked down at me from the Dj console  with a big smile on his if sending a goat for a sacrificial practice. My first sentence on stage as i looked down at white men looking up at me was : " It makes me feel uncomfortable that i have white men looking right up at my vagina" and it got a huge laugh. From that moment, i knew i had to do this. Liberating as heaven. Women have many things to say...imagine being given 3 mins on stage to say whatever you like..and having an audience of 150 laugh at you. OMG. I felt like i was the queen of this world. Couldn't sleep that night. Those 3 mins played in my mind sending me tossing and turning the whole night... the feeling where you had just came back from your first date and the blood rush. My first time. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Who am i?

Dear All,

First of all, a warm welcome to my blog- where i would like to share with you my journey as a female stand-up comedian in Singapore's growing scene of Stand-up Comedy. Its been two years and its been fantastic so far with some ups and some downs but i think its very important to share with people the journey you go through. Maybe to help those who want to start? Maybe to lighten my heart on difficult days? Or simply maybe cos i want to remember this process when i look down from the top? I don't know? Hope you enjoy reading this blog.

Its very important to establish a few things!

Who am i : Sharul Channa
Profession : Emcee/ Actor / Stand-up Comedian / Entrepreneur 
Location : Singapore

Open-mic Rooms in Singapore you can find me in :

1. Comedy Masala
    Home Club (20 Upper Circular Road)
    Every Tuesday 9.30pm 
    Run by : Mr. Umar Rana

2. Talk Cock Comedy
    Blu Jaz Cafe ( 12 Bali Lane )
    Every Wednesday 8.30pm
    Run by : The Comedy Club Asia     

3. Fight Comic
    Blu Jaz Cafe 
    Every Thursday 9.00pm
    Run by : Thecomedypimp ( Mr. Quill Porter)

* If any of you are interested in watching or performing - come on down to these rooms to laugh or explore your options in a possible career!

Any thoughts/ queries / bookings? - feel free to drop me a line :

Warmest Regards,

Sharul Channa