Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Doing it for the first time! - Yes, I mean Stand-up!

How was my first time? A question many ask me.
Well, the truth was terrifying to say the least. Rishi Budhrani - a fellow comedian gave me a thumbs up just before i went on to stage for my debut at Comedy Masala. I looked up at Umar Rana ,the owner of Comedy masala, for some encouragement and he looked down at me from the Dj console  with a big smile on his if sending a goat for a sacrificial practice. My first sentence on stage as i looked down at white men looking up at me was : " It makes me feel uncomfortable that i have white men looking right up at my vagina" and it got a huge laugh. From that moment, i knew i had to do this. Liberating as heaven. Women have many things to say...imagine being given 3 mins on stage to say whatever you like..and having an audience of 150 laugh at you. OMG. I felt like i was the queen of this world. Couldn't sleep that night. Those 3 mins played in my mind sending me tossing and turning the whole night... the feeling where you had just came back from your first date and the blood rush. My first time. 

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