Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Very Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey people.

A very Happy valentine's day. I just want to share with you how i prepared for my valentine's day.

                         I GOT MY UPPER LIP THREAD!
No! It's not the first time i have done it but i realized how important it is for women to thread their upper lips and eyebrows on time so that we don't look like the chinese uncle under our block who will occasionally strike up a conversation with you about how its getting hotter in Singapore while they stroke their thin but evident mustache. (No..not a mustache. Indian men have mustache.)


But in my case and I am sure for millions of Women out there - if u don't get the hair can very well take it as your life is over if a handsome man walks past and he knows you! When i don't have my upper lip hair off and i know a hot man  is coming from the distance and he knows me - I hide. I run. I take cover. The last thing you need is talking to a hot guy under bright white light and you can see his glance slip from your eyes to your mouth. He has noticed it. He has noticed that you have hair on your upper lip and the equation my friends is very freaking simple.

Woman with hair on upper lip = Not attractive = Will never date her = Not excited to meet her the next time

And if a hot guy i know does bump into me and catches me off guard before i run to take cover..i end up covering my mouth the entire conversation. THE ENTIRE CONVO!

So now the mustache is off! - till it grows back within the next 10 days.

Happy Valentine's day.



Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A trend I notice in the Asian Stand-up Comedy Circle..

Performing in KL for One Mic Stand

Dear one and all,

Hope all of you are doing well !

Well - I just want to talk about a trend I have noticed in the Asian stand-up comedy circle. To be completely honest - I am guilty too! Most asian stand-up comedians are cracking race based jokes. Nothing wrong with that but recently when i travelled to KL for the Comedy Club Kl show - i realized how much I needed to steer away from the race based jokes. Its not that those jokes are easy to come up takes as much effort,writing and numerous trials to perfect but everybody is doing them. What is the difference between me and the comic after me? What is my brand of humor? How can i be different? These are questions i asked myself when i came back from KL. If i want to travel the world with my comedy - then i have to make my material understandable and relatable to the entire world. I should be able to perform these jokes infront of a full british audience and if somebody transported me to africa - i should make the masses there laugh. I also dont want to disregard the fact that i should be able to entertain Singapore as much as i want to entertain the world. So this is my solution for this : Having one set for Singapore and one for the rest of the world and then another one for the Corporate world. I think having 3 sets of joke lists to entertain the different kind of audiences is needed. 

These are just my thoughts and i dont hope to offend anybody with them. If you already have your different set lists for the different kinds of audiences - Congratulations! 

Have a great Wednesday. I am off to Stand-up for Singapore ( Blu Jaz Cafe, Bali Lane) proudly brought to you by Comedyclubasia! Need to try a couple of new jokes. Will tell how it went ;)

Warmest Regards,

Sharul Channa

Monday, 4 February 2013

"We are like this only" , KUMAR, Upcoming shows

Hello One and all,

Hope you'll have been doing great! I have been busy with the rehearsals of a play - yes yes, i am acting.
For those who don't know, i have 3 years of formal training in acting for theatre,film and television from Lasalle-SIA, College of the Arts. The play is called " We are like this only" - forum theatre style.
This play shines a light on the problems new indians and local singaporean indians are facing in terms of integrating with each other. It's a hot hot issue dealt with sensitivity for sure. So come on down! You can purchase tickets from . The show is on  - 26thFeb2013 to 3rd March 2013 at the Goodman Arts Centre, Blackbox .

It's been so nostalgic cos the rehearsals and the play are held at the old Lasalle-sia, college of the arts at Goodman Road. Life comes around full circle in many ways.

In terms of Stand-up comedy - I have been performing with Singapore's most famous and entertaining stand-up comedian - KUMAR. That's right. She gives me 10 mins of stage time during 2 of her shows. Isn't that fantastic?! I mean i remember watching this genius perform at Hard Rock Cafe as a teenager and thought to myself.. Whoa. How liberating and hilariously funny. I never thought i would get to share the stage with this legend. Here is a picture i recently took with her :

Sharul Channa and Kumar

When people find out I perform with Kumar - they ask me weird questions but they are completely justified i guess cos people think an artist's stage persona is how they are like in personal life. " Isn't it scary to talk to Kumar? Don't you feel scared? " - WHAT? Once and for all let me answer this question. Kumar is one of the nicest human beings i have met. If she seems dismissive - it's just an artist's personal space and she is a very shy person. But she is amazing. She has her one man show coming up for this year at the Esplande which is called : What makes a man man.  Can't wait to watch it!

1. Wednesday - 6th Feb2013 - Stand-up for Singapore at the blu jaz cafe, Bali Lane : 8.30pm onwards
Proudly brought to you by : Comedyclubasia, Singapore

2. Saturday - 9thFeb2013 - Kumar's Show at The Still Bar, Dempsey Road : 10.30pm onwards

Stay tuned for more posts coming up! I promise to be regular! :)

Warmest Regards,

Sharul Channa