Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A trend I notice in the Asian Stand-up Comedy Circle..

Performing in KL for One Mic Stand

Dear one and all,

Hope all of you are doing well !

Well - I just want to talk about a trend I have noticed in the Asian stand-up comedy circle. To be completely honest - I am guilty too! Most asian stand-up comedians are cracking race based jokes. Nothing wrong with that but recently when i travelled to KL for the Comedy Club Kl show - i realized how much I needed to steer away from the race based jokes. Its not that those jokes are easy to come up takes as much effort,writing and numerous trials to perfect but everybody is doing them. What is the difference between me and the comic after me? What is my brand of humor? How can i be different? These are questions i asked myself when i came back from KL. If i want to travel the world with my comedy - then i have to make my material understandable and relatable to the entire world. I should be able to perform these jokes infront of a full british audience and if somebody transported me to africa - i should make the masses there laugh. I also dont want to disregard the fact that i should be able to entertain Singapore as much as i want to entertain the world. So this is my solution for this : Having one set for Singapore and one for the rest of the world and then another one for the Corporate world. I think having 3 sets of joke lists to entertain the different kind of audiences is needed. 

These are just my thoughts and i dont hope to offend anybody with them. If you already have your different set lists for the different kinds of audiences - Congratulations! 

Have a great Wednesday. I am off to Stand-up for Singapore ( Blu Jaz Cafe, Bali Lane) proudly brought to you by Comedyclubasia! Need to try a couple of new jokes. Will tell how it went ;)

Warmest Regards,

Sharul Channa


  1. Agreed Sharul! I went home to California a year ago and got my ass kicked as I realized all of my jokes had specific references to my life in China. Not really race based but also not translatable to traveling.

    I spent this past year trying to write stuff that was more specific to myself and not my situation and I think it helped. Still a work in progress for sure, but I like your line of thinking, its the next step!

    I look forward to performing together again, you are Rishi are hilarious!


    1. Thank you so much Turner! You're absolutely right :) Thank you so much for sharing your experience. You are a laugh riot! Hope to watch you perform in Singapore soon ! :)