Sunday, 6 January 2013

Finding your Voice in Stand-up

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Now I just wanted to talk a little bit about the concept of 'voice' in stand-up comedy. I have heard this many times from comedians around the world who say ...".. and then i found my voice in comedy"... What are they referring to when they talk about this voice? I always recoiled in confusion and tried to act cool as if i knew what they were talking about! - Clearly, i didn't! I know other growing stand-up comedians wonder to themselves about finding the  'voice' in comedy.... so i put my foot down and decided to ask some of my favorite stand-up comedians in Asia what exactly the 'voice in comedy' means to them! Let's see!

Vivek Mahbubani ( Hong Kong )
I think when someone speakes of "finding your comedy voice", it means finding the style of person you want to be on stage. For example, when I'm on stage, my voice is of someone who likes silly things, who is cheeky and playfully agressive. This relates to the style of comedy I personally enjoy, which has slowly transformed into the style of comedy I like to perform.
In my experience, people who haven't found their comedy voice are usually those who aren't sure what they themselves find funny (it takes quite a lot of soul searching, studying and of course laughing), thus when they're on stage, all they're trying to do is be funny to everyone, but often neglecting to be funny for themselves as well.

Gb Labrador   ( Philippines )
For me when a comic says "I have not found my comedy voice" - it only means the comic is still trying to figure out the real reason why-- he/she goes up on stage and tell jokes.
To find one's comedy voice is to find a greater reason in holding the mic. To deliver jokes that are more personal-- to finally have the courage to open up to the audience.

Dr. Jason Leong Say Keong ( Malaysia )

"I think they are referring to the fact that they are not 100percent where they are in comedy or that there is still a disconnect between them and the audience. For me, it means that the bloody microphone is not working or I got a sore throat. "

So, have you found your 'voice' in stand-up comedy? :)

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Sharul Channa

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