Saturday, 8 December 2012

Importance of Rehearsing before a stand-up show

Fakkah Fuzz  rehearsing his set list just before British Club show! 

So - Have you ever watched a Stand-up comedy routine done by a comic about 4 to 5 times? The same jokes? I have and so have all the open-micers in the Singapore stand-up scene. Relax audience! Its normal. Developing a killer 5 minute set can take up to more than 6 months sometimes. It's all about trial and error...and this trial and error needs an audience. The jokes need to be done umpteen times before the right punch line is found or better an extension to the joke. Sometimes we get bored doing our own jokes.. which is what pushes us to keep writing more material and then testing it out. No matter what and no matter how good you are need to rehearse your jokes and 'story-line' quite a few times before you jump up on stage. Yes, the jokes are rehearsed...BUT a good stand-up comedian can make it look like its being done for the very first time..not only for the audiences but ourselves too. What is the difference between doing a stand-up comedy routine and performing a monologue? Big Difference. Stand-up comedians can change their line up on stage depending on what kind of genre of jokes the audiences are enjoying OR they can answer back a heckler with one of their strongest come backs depending on the heckle line! Another difference is that - the stand-up comedian can decide do some improvisation using the audience.

The picture you see above is Fakkah fuzz rehearsing his set-list before the British club show.. he might have done these jokes many times before but this is absolutely important to do. Creating a storyline and rehearsing the flow of the performance. Btw- Fakkah fuzz killed it in this International line-up show at the British Club. The first Singaporean to be introduced in this line-up by the fantastic Comedyclub Asia! I strongly believe that it's important to watch international acts again and again by any stand-up comedian to see how differently the same jokes are performed all 4 nights.

I believe that any production if done in collaboration with international and Singaporean acts not only gives opportunities to locals but also gives them a chance to taste how its like working in the global scene. Kudos to Comedyclubasia for doing that and the Singapore community of Stand-up comedians are very proud of you - Fakkah fuzz!

To know more about these international shows by Comedy club asia :

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