Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Am writing a segment on Relationships...

Hey people!

I dont think you need to know but i think i need to tell you. Women need to wax/shave themselves every month. For some women, its twice a month and for some its once a month. If you're chinese..once in 6 months! Cos come on - you beautiful chinese ladies don't grow out hair at all.. smooth as silk! I swear if i don't wax my hands once a month..i could off pass off as wearing a black long sleeve top. 

I am just in the midst of writing a segment on relationships for my comedy set. Yes! Done before by many stand-up comedians so trying to write a different take on Elderly couple? Young? - so many aspects to it.. surely i will find something quirky about relationships cos relationships by nature ARE quirky! Any comments, thoughts ,feelings,suggestions.. feel free to enlighten me on the topic of Relationships!


Went and performed for Comedy club Asia's monthly comedy show at blu jaz today! Its open-micers before the break and international acts after the break. Did a 6 min set and it went well! If you would like to watch some fantastic international acts in Singapore every month...go down for their shows! They have shows 6thDec to 9th December 2012! 

Quickly...find out about shows and tickets at :

I had a great day!



Comedy Quote of the day :
I think it's the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately. - George Carlin

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