Sunday, 2 December 2012

Your Comedy Style : True to oneself or Being Sellable

Hello One and All!

The topic i just want to talk about today is comedy style...stand-up comedy is far beyond just going up on stage and cracking jokes. It's the art of story-telling. Most importantly people take years to find out their true voice on stage. Essentially, its you - the person who is telling a joke on it boils down to - how well do you know yourself? Are the topics you're discussing on stage..not you? Are you trying to be someone else cos you're watching too much of Seinfeld or Chris Rock or perhaps your old favorite Indian Comedian? These are not questions that can be answered immediately. These are questions that each comedian needs to find answers to as they go through the journey of stand-up and I didn't realize the question at all until i had a "over-drinks session with Johnathan Atherton ( Singapore's own laugh guru) ". I realized i was talking about certain experiences i actually never had. That brought about a change..i started looking out for my experiences first...and now a change of direction in comedy for me.
Some things i always hear promoters saying though :

1. Dont swear on stage - cos it doesn't make you sellable for tv/corporate shows

True. But then if swearing is a part of you..your daily life and it makes your set more you change it?..Become sellable or stay true to your journey.

Many struggle and"I am going clean.."...

Is 'going clean' ( not swearing, no sex vagina mentioning..that's my fav word btw- Vagina) for myself going to be better for my comedy.

I will let you know. :)

Have a great Monday!


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