Monday, 11 March 2013

Only in Bollywood Movies!

Hello One and All.

Welcome to my rant.

I have been watching lots of bollywood movies recently. I have to say that we are full of bull! No really, we are. Although we have some real good bollywood films - we have many unrealistic trashy ones too. So if you're a die-hard bollywood fan..i suggest you stop reading here.


OK. You Chose to read.

So - i have been watching many bollywood films recently in between of work. Yes - i work!
And i must say that i have found myself gagging with laughter and sometimes ending up in a pool of my own piss. So below is one film i watched and my personal take on it!

 Raja Hindustani

A story about a rich girl falling in love with a taxi driver in India. They rebel and end up getting married. This movie is the only reason women have started giving second looks to their drivers.

Reality Check !

Driver in this movie :

Driver in Reality :

You know what i mean? No! DO YOU NOW KNOW WHAT I MEAN!?

This is what i call a clear case of Reality ka Baap-Bhai*!  ( *Think of it as an insult to the male race)

If my driver was Aamir Khan! I wont marry him - i will tell him to direct a film for me. On me. With me. For me. *drools*

Do you now know what i mean?!

Lots of comedy shows happening this week!
In the next post!

love love,

Sharul Channa

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