Monday, 15 April 2013

This Week in Singapore's Comedy Scene!


Hey guys! I have decided to update you guys on all the comedy happenings every week from now on so we can help grow the comedy scene together!

I will be performing on Wednesday at blujaz for talk cock comedy night and won't be at the Kumar Show at Home club on thursday this week as am traveling to KL coming thursday and Friday! Back to doing comedy on Saturday - doing a set at Additions, Still Bar ( Dempsey) for the Kumar show!

I'll see you on Wednesday and Saturday but don't forget to go down to the rooms below and share the info too! Paul ogata is in town - don't miss that one!

1. Tuesday - 16thApril2013  Comedy Masala , Home Club  (Open-mic Comedy)             Price : $10
    9.15pm onwards  - PAUL OGATA Preview set  

2. Wednesday - 17thApril2013  Talk Cock Comedy, Blu Jaz Cafe ( Open-mic Comedy)  Price : $10
    8.30pm onwards ( Comedyclubasia)

3. Wednesday - 17thApril2013  Paul Ogata 1 hour solo show at the Royal Room  8pm    Price : $28
                          tickets at

4.  Thursday -Fight Comic - 18th April 2013 Talk Cock Comedy, Blu Jaz Cafe ( Improv Stand-up)   Price :  $10 / 9.00pm onwards (TheComedypimp)

5. Thursday - The KUMAR Show - 18th April 2013 ,Home Club                                                       Price : $16

6.  Saturday - The KUMAR Show - 20th April 2013, Additions ( Still Bar, Dempsey)                      Price :  $25

Love and Laughter,

Sharul Channa

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