Sunday, 30 June 2013

Shit Some shitty Pretend- Comedy Promoters Say and Other stuff.

Hello One and all!

First of all i apologize for not being able to update my blog with the weekly comedy gigs in Singapore..i'll be doing that through my facebook page! So to know more about where i'll be performing and what's happening in and around singapore's comedy scene , Like it! --------->

Comedy has been making me travel quite a bit this year which is always good as you get to meet , explore, understand and perform to the many kinds of audiences. I have performed in Sydney, Perth, KL, Thailand, Penang and a few more places have been lined up for the rest of the year. Different cities, different sensibilities. Kumar shows are going on too and this week i performed with him in three different venues..again in one country itself different kinds of audiences exist. What binds them together? Laughter.

I have recently started writing more material in Hindi. Yup. I am trying to perform both in English and Hindi - let's see how that turns out :)

OK. So This post is based on what rising stand-up comedians have to hear from shitty pretend promoters and you SHOULD avoid them!

Things shitty promoters say and my humble answer to them.

1. " Just come and perform for 10 mins - we will give you free food".

Answer : Dear asshole, i don't need free food and if i really needed free food i would have visited my neighbors house every chinese new year with a red packet with nothing in it - in hope that they say " Please have something!" and then i would take out all the plastic boxes i had brought along and wiped out their fantastic stingray. Why don't YOU come over and clean my entire house and i will give you free  food.. then you can officially be my maid.

2. " Can you emcee and then introduce yourself and DO AN ACT and then introduce the next act and then while you're at it introduce the next too?"

Answer : It's important to have a comedian emcee who just heats up the crowd so that the acts can go on. I am not going to emcee it and also do a 20 min set you cheapo!

3.  " I am providing you with an opportunity. I will pay for your airfare and hotel!"

Answer : Sure. Thank you for your opportunity. Can i have a business class ticket and also a room in a  5 star hotel with a good amount of money for meals. Upon arrival?

4. " We don't have a budget."

Answer : "This line has been terminated for the past 5 secs..Please don't call back ever."

5. " Can you produce 20 mins completely new material for the comedy show which is in a week's time."

Answer : "Is it possible to build a 20 storey building in 1 week?"

Dear Rising Stand-up comedians from all over the world,

Please avoid these people who try to exploit new talent for their own material gain. These people are not comedy promoters..they are just leeches who are not ethical in business. There are some fantastic trustworthy promoters around. If you are unclear make sure you ask other comedians who these fantastic promoters are as good people will always have a good word going around. I have been lucky enough to work with such ethical and fantastic promoters so when i come across a terrible one - i know.

Trustworthy and awesome Comedy promoters in Singapore are :

1. Umar Rana ( Comedy Masala)
2. Jonathan Atherton ( Comedyclubasia)
3. Heazry ( Comedyclubasia)
4. Quill Potter ( thecomedypimp)

Thank you.

Have a great week ahead!

Love Love,


  1. Great write! Hope to hear the Hindi stuff soon! (won't understand it but I'll know from the laughs tht it's funny!)

  2. Nice blog Sharul! Keep 'em coming. Hope I can catch your show when I'm next in Singapore.

  3. Looking forward to having you in Singapore Kasturi! Hope you're doing well :) Keep reading and thanks for the support! love xx