Monday, 1 July 2013

Shit Comedians do in hotel rooms when they are bored!

Hello people! Hope you'll are enjoying your monday! I am :)
Recently, Fuzz and myself were super bored in penang just before our show so we happened to shoot a video and i just found it completely amusing. Yes. Fakkah Fuzz was amusing the hell outta me.

Comics who are hilariously funny and single get to hook up with hot chicks ( Read: Fuzz) while the attached ones ( Read : Jinx and Me ) have to look like we're not interested at all. It is truly difficult to look not interested especially if the guy is hot. So the following is a sample of awkward conversations i have had with men after a show.

Sample 1 :

Hot guy : I would love to know how you're like in normal life.

Me : I am pretty normal in normal life.


Sample 2 :

Hot guy : Can I get you a drink?

Me : I don't drink.

Hot guy : How about a non-alcoholic drink?

Me : Oh look, my partner is here. Bye.


Sample 3 :

Hot Guy : Omg. Your comedy has improved. So was your joke about getting legally married true?

Me : Yes.

Hot Guy : hmmm...when are you religiously getting married?

Me : Tomorrow.


Sample 4 :

Hot Guy puts hand around waist and kisses cheek to say HI.

Me : Oh look my HUSBAND is here. Talk later BRO.


Question : Where do all the hot single men disappear to when you are not married/getting married / attached?

It's as if there is a room filled with hot men who are only unleashed when single women find men. These 'perfect' looking men are released to test your relationship. UGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

That's it for now.

Love love,


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