Monday, 1 July 2013

I am not Pregnant.

Hey guys,

People are way too critical of women. We can't be fat. We can't be too skinny. We can't be pudgy. It's as if people have a problem with everything! So i think it is important to be comfortable in your own skin and dress your weight instead of waiting to dress up after you lose weight. I must tell you about the kind of scrutinizing comments i have heard from random people and relatives about other people. It's just NOT COOL. Simple things like when we travel to India to go meet our relatives, friends, random relatives (who your mom conveniently makes you meet after 15 years and expects you to remember that the uncle carried you and you pee-d in your pants - "sudden relatives") - the kind of comments you get to hear are just phenomenally displeasing.

Things Relatives/friends/people/ Weirdos Say :


1. " Oh, you have become healthy.."
2. " Radha (maid), can you get sharul another roti - she has an appetite!"
3. " When I was your age, i was super skinny."
4. " Shall i get you an L size, we were planning to buy you a top as a gift before you leave."

1. " Oh, you look weak..bring out the pure ghee.."
2. " How will you give birth in the future like this?"
3. " Stop eating all that chinese food - you're not going to wear that tight dress for your wedding.. saris' need curves"
4. " let's bring you under a cow/buffalo to break that skinny spell.."
5. " Hold on to your daughter, the wind is blowing too strong.."

1. ........ why don't you see a doctor..
2. Are you touching your face all the time?
3.  Younger daughter so pretty... older daughter very smart. Middle daughter....
4. I can play connect the dots on your face!

Recently, I got congratulated for being pregnant. Just for the record, i am not. My mind ,however, is pregnant with thoughts of getting impregnated by the most handsomest guy ever.

Love Love,


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