Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Hey People!

Yes. The post this morning is about the 10 myths/bullshit signs that your bf/partner/husband is cheating on you. Don't listen to your stupid girlfriends who confirm these signs for you cos these signs are NOT necessarily true. 

MYTH 1 : He constantly checks his phone and when i come into the room he quickly puts his phone down so that i dont check his phone and find out about 'the other one '. 

Listen lady - the reason he could be putting his phone down quickly is cos he doesn't want to upset you that he brings his work back home. Men are super stupid that way..they dont actually know how to hide things so when they do it..they look like a spy of a ridiculous 80s movie. Sharp turns, sudden jerks and stammering voice. 

MYTH 2 : He always takes a very long time in the bathroom and he brings his phone and a book in. I secretly feel that he messaging a woman or doing video chat with her on face time.

No babe. He is watching porn in the toilet. 

MYTH 3 : He doesn't buy me any gifts but when i check his laptop ...the recently viewed pages are always some online gift shop or some diamond jewelry...ugh!!!!

eh bitch- Can you wait...he is going to surprise you soon and might even propose. Do you not have any patience?!?!?

MYTH 4 : When i check my whatsapp.. just say i messaged him at 4.01pm... and he was last seen at 4.02pm... he still never replies to my chat! What the hell!!!

We are already natural spies. This is not your fault..whatsapp should get their act straight and get that bullshit off. In any case, you better ask him why he never replies on time cos -  I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM.

MYTH 5 : He checks out other women infront of me and then lies when i catch him..he is probably doing that and more when i am not with him.. :(

All men check out other women. Married, non-married, single, paralyzed : ALL. So if you think by getting married or attached to you that's going to change.. KILL YOURSELF.
Even women check out other women..that's mostly to see what she is wearing. Come on, dont tell me you dont like to check out eye-candy and just fixate your eyes on your partner..bullshit girl!

MYTH 6 : We don't have sex anymore. Is he getting it from somewhere else?

No. He is having problems standing. Check or talk to him about it. I can't help here. Talk to the doctor..i've been trying to get my dick to stand for the longest time..only recently i found out..i dont have a dick.

MYTH 7 : I have seen receipts of him having dinners at fancy restaurants. If it's not with me..who is he going with?

Ask him. ASK HIM YOU FOOL - DON'T ASK YOUR MOM! Your mom is already worried about your dad coming back late from work drunk. Your mom is not experienced at this..but she is experienced at thinking the same way as you so her suspicion will be hi-tech and faarrrrrrrrrrrrrr better than yours!

MYTH 8 : He is surrounded by so many hot women...one day after office..do you think he would bang one of them.

Babe. Go get yourself a nice dress.  Get a manicure done. Get a massage done. Treat yourself - you're insecure like most of us are. You relationships are a mirror of how much you love yourself. The more insecure..the more fights.

MYTH 9 :  Why doesn't he call me during lunchtime when he clearly has a break.

SLAP YOURSELF ! Give him some time to breathe from his busy work..let him network with his mates...he is coming home to YOU right..and why don't you pick up the phone and call him instead.. EGO issues right. <-------------- Dear husband, leave her. 

MYTH 10 : I saw him kissing another girl on the cheek. First on one side..then the other.

This is the european or american way of greeting somebody. If he stopped halfway in the middle of the right and the left cheek - then when you meet him...you make sure you burn his butt cheeks.  

Ok people! You get the point but if the guy is really cheating on you..don't be so stupid! Keep your eyes and ears open..cos i am not sure if ALL men can be trusted..but all women can't be trusted either but that's for another blogpost. Have a great Wednesday and if you would like me to cover any topics or have any ideas you would like to share with me.. you can write to me on : thesharulc@gmail.com

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