Thursday, 4 July 2013

10 Things About Me You Don't Need To Know

10 Things about me - you don't need to know. So if you think you don't want to know..please get off this blog and go do something more productive with your life.

1. I still buy cheap cotton panties from Toa Payoh - 3 for $1 and i dont like the hipster panties that girls say they like to wear..i love aunty panties cos they cover my love if you're a pervert..this is when you start wanking off over the thought of my sexy aunty panty.

2. I love wearing shorts at home that have at least one hole in them. I can't sleep if not. I think i am a beggar at heart.

3. I love going to the gurudwara ( sikh temple) especially because they have a red carpet there and i feel like a star when i walk there and my dream is to be checked out by the hottest guy..but there never is. Sucks. 

4. I am the kid who would press all the buttons on the lift before you got on. I still do it.

5. I dance harder and better at clubs when hot men are around so if i am not bringing the groove on when you're around.. you know why. 

6. I hate white light cos i hate people shifting their gaze from my eyes to my face..with some facial hair left once in a while.. it happens.. i am punjabi.

7. If you're talking about a topic which is not interesting..i smile a lot to compensate for my lack of understanding. I will also laugh when you laugh so that i make you feel better and my excuse for leaving a conversation is always..." I better go...i needed to talk to somebody"...that is short for "shut the fuck up you boring fuck"...

8.  I failed math during my "O" levels. I sucked at it. Judge me. NO NO Judge me...i think math has never helped my life one bit other than when i ask my bf.. " no tell me HOW MUCH...exactly HOW you love me..tell me..come one..."

9. I can't drive and I can't swim. Anyway if there is a tsunami situation..the cars get swept away i think these two are a good combination.

10. My nose is really huge. Sometimes when i am washing my fingers slip into my nose. It's tragic. It is.

So - these are 10 things about me you don't need to do. You got through it - Congratulations.

Have a great friday!

love love,

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