Thursday, 29 May 2014

I am crude.

You heard it right.
Some pretentious people think i am crude as a stand-up comedian.
A potty mouth they call me.
I am too honest for them.
You heard it right.
A man can talk about it all he likes.
His feelings about an orgasm.
His thoughts on having sex with a woman.
I cannot.
I cannot talk about what i feel because it makes you feel uncomfortable.
Does it?
Oh - we want smart humor!
Oh do you?
So you can clap with 2 little fingers and sip on your expensive wine.
I am sorry.
You know what?
I am not sorry.
I will say what i like cos that's my truth.
If you don't have the heart to handle the truth.
You walk out.
You heard it right!
As long as i hear people laughing - i have done my job.
So you can bring your high society bullshit out of my face.
Cos whether you like it or not.
I will do it.
It's my truth.
I owe it to myself to say my truth.
My truth is simple.
I cannot be dainty for i am not.
Perhaps you should search yourself.
If something affects you - it could be you.
Inside somewhere - you don't have the heart to handle that particular truth.
So say what you want.
Say i am crude.
A potty mouth.
I ll do what i have to.
Search for my truth.
You do what you have to.
Be pretentious.
For i owe it to myself.
And you owe it to your high society bullshit.

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