Tuesday, 10 June 2014

10 Things All Mothers Should Tell Their Sons

10 Things All Mothers Should Tell Their Sons

1.  You are not a prince. Get it? Ate your food? Go put your plate in the sink! Nobody here is your maid…yes i pick up your dishes sometimes but that's because i love you but don't take this love for granted. Your wife won't do this for you..you still have to do it yourself. The least you can do is pick up your freaking plate! Asshole!

2.  You can't dance!? What kind of an idiot are you..women love men who can move..move it then! Stop waving your hand in the air and buying drinks for girls..that's not how she is going to get into your pants.

3. You wan't a virgin woman who hasn't dated many men as a wife. HAH! Reality check..just like you have been a playa all your life..you will also get a playa for yourself. Karma. It comes around. What do you think cinderella was doing all her life? She was banging couple of the male servants in the attic!

4. Your woman doesn't have to work? haahahahhahaha  Remember! Don't marry a woman who can't support herself or stand on her two feet..she has to work as hard as you do and respect her for it.

5. Your wife can have as many male friends as she wants. Trust her. She will trust you too. Its mutual trust.

6. Do you know how to make tea? Learn how to make it - your girlfriend might love tea and you will have to make it most of the times.

7. Your woman is going through loads of bodily changes all her life. More than you ever are. So please be kind to that lady. It's not easy at all.

8. If she doesn't want to have kids - don't force her. Kids are not important for a marriage. The important thing is to be happy.

9. Don't stay with us after marriage. Move away with your wife. Get your own house.

10. If i ever fight with your wife because we both might have our own insecurities - don't get involved or you will get fucked for life. FUCKED for life..you geddit?


Wank off twice a day. Don't touch women as and when you like without their consent. That's rape.




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