Friday, 13 June 2014

You are mad if...

So there are certain things i have done in my childhood and while i was growing up..and honestly i haven't fully grown up and never will - YOU GET THE POINT! There are certain things i still do and people turn around and go - YOU'RE CRAZY..but i honestly believe that many people do the things i do but i guess silently? I am going to list them..if you're as mad as i am..let me know i am normal! Thanks!

1. Playing the Game " The man in the next advertisement is your father."

So you're sitting down watching tv with a group of friends and there are umpteen advertisements going on and you suddenly go, " Hey Mary, the man in the next advertisement is your father!" Everyone waits for the next advertisement and her father ends up to look like a chinese man with hair loss problems and everyone laughs!

2. You would have at least once in your life applied super glue on your index finger and tried to stick your thumb and index finger together? No? Just me? Shit.

3. You would have at least once in your lifetime switched off the light of the toilet while your sibling was having a shower just cos you want to take revenge!

4. You have made funny faces behind an old aunty to make your mother laugh while she was having a serious conversation with her.

5. You have seen someone slowly walking to the lift and instead of waiting for them you passionately press on to the "Close door"  button so you can see the split second of "BITCH" look on their faces.

6. You also love it when people can't get into the MRT despite rushing towards the door just because the look on their faces is EPIC!

7.  You have taken a friend's phone and msged/whatsapped people things like
    1. I am a disco dancer.
    2. I am jealous of you.
    3. Your father is on TV and
    4. I'll suck your tits dry

8.  You have quietly squeezed a woman's ass on the dance floor just to watch her look around and suspect the first man who looks 'suspicious'.

9. You have dug your nose and stuck the booger on the wall as a "WALL OF FAME" and signed right under it.

10.  You have at least once in your life - drew a line on your friend's neat notebook while they were writing something cos you HATE neatness.

So people, if you have done any of these..let me know that you're as mad as i am..if not share your mad stories on the comment section below! Thank you!

Love and Laughter,

Sharul Channa

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