Friday, 1 August 2014

The Great Indian Emotional Blackmail.

How do you know you're being emotionally blackmailed?
Very simple. Do you hear the following statements too much around the house?

1. But he is such a poor thing. Oh,my son.
2. I am just an old hag..i will cry and eventually die.
3. Never mind..i can spend my own money.
4. Sometimes when i see other people with their grandchildren..i wish we had one too
5. If you weren't around..i don't know what i would have done.
6. I gave up my life for you.
7. He gave up his life for you.
8. I have not bought myself a single thing since our last anniversary.
9. We always fed you first and sometimes we slept hungry.
10. Look, even my underwear has a hole.

If yes, read on.
If no, read on…you probably are being emotionally blackmailed and are in denial. If you're not Indian..i am sure you have your own version.

What is the cure for this?

TADAH! The cure for - " The Great Indian Emotional Blackmail. "

There are certain routes you can take.

1." The revenge of the great indian emotional blackmail"
     This means you do the EXACT same thing back to the people who are emotionally blackmailing you by using the same tactics they are using on you.

For example :

A (E blackmailer) : " I will eventually cry and die.."

B ( The blackmailed) : "Same."

There you go!

2.  Cry baby!

For this one -  cry out of the room every time you think you cannot handle the situation.

A (E blackmailer ) : If only my elder daughter was here because you do nothing for me..

B (The blackmailed) : Run out of the room crying and then run out of the house crying and run down the hill crying until you find a shop to buy yourself a nice cool drink. This will make your blackmailer worried that you might do something wrong to yourself and they will relax the fuck down.

3.  The cold reaction AKA - THE REBEL.

You have to give a cold reaction to each statement your blackmailer gives you.

B ( for a change..i would like to make B the emotional blackmailer) : "My legs have been hurting but i don't ask anybody for help..can u please help me clean my dishes?"

A ( The blackmailed) : "No."

4. Confuse them with other information - "The distractor!"

A (E Blackmailer) - "Your father is still alive - he can pay for my expenses..!"

B (The Blackmailed) - " Father was saying that he wanted to bring you for a holiday btw…i think to disneyland since you're into games."

A : Huh?!

If non of the above work - SLAP YOURSELF IN THE HEAD and come up with your own tactics.
Being emotionally blackmailed causes mental stress and unhappiness in you. Stop being treated that way.


Sharul Channa

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