Friday, 8 August 2014

The Past Midnight Story.

She had been looking at him from a distance. Occasionally, glancing at him and then completely ignoring his presence. He noticed nothing because he was not even noticing her. This moment for her was what she waited for the entire week - Her weekly language school lessons. He wasn't in her class but there was a 70 percent chance for her to somehow find him around the school to just have a glance that would give her excitement, fantasy and some replay action in her head for the next week. She saw him taking the stairs down from the 4th floor but from the other side, so she took the fire exit staircase and ran down so she could catch him at the gate of the school before he made his way to recess. She made it  in time to exit the gate right after him and trying not to get too close just in case her heart skipped more than a beat. She walked into the canteen area right after him and waited for him to choose the food or drink he wanted to have. He choose the good old milo from the drinks stall and continued having his conversation with an acquaintance. As he left the shop, she went up and got milo for herself too. Carefully watching him, she strategically placed herself such that  he was diagonally opposite her. She lip read his conversation from a distance and then got lost in thought about the million possibilities they could become friends. What happened next took her by surprise. He started walking right towards her and then stood right in front of her,staring into her eyes - she was stumped.Speechless.Heart racing. Mouth dry. He said, "You're standing in front of the dustbin." She heard nothing. He said it louder this time. She moved. He threw his milo packet, looked at her and smiled and then walked away. She had found her moment. Enough to last her for a week, possibly a month.

Till the next -past midnight story…

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