Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Your breath stank of mediocrity
your words were filled with despair
your condition was terminal
your personality beyond repair

Your beliefs were  the carcass of your ancestral fears
you spewed them as and when
the neighbors were a victim of your continuous 
unapologetic rant

You linked your beliefs to what you thought
the society actually felt
But a group of people without vision
were just a zombie camp 

To this zombie camp 
you proudly said you belonged
but little do you know
that you are ill-informed 

Sometimes in the name of religion
Sometimes in the name of faith
you kept repeating those words
kept making the same mistake

Till one day you met a woman
who spun your world around
she told you to step out the line
find your own ground

You didn't listen to sound advice
you just listened to the sound
for the advice you receive 
might not be important
till the advice is own self found

So your breath still stinks of mediocrity
and with mediocrity you shall die
unless you search your conscience and tell your fears goodbye

Connect the dots and not all dots might connect today
but one day when they all make sense
you'll thank thee that day
Everyone deserves greatness
Mediocrity is small play.

Sharul Channa

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