Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Big Leap.

hey people.

So i have decided to get traditionally married. Yup. You heard it right and you heard it from a freakin blog..that's how i do it! You know i just really want to avoid the whole..this relative heard it from this relative heard it from this friend and then i have an argument in the house about who leaked the news out. Things are meant to be if they are meant to be. To be honest, i don't believe in the concept of 'the marriage' cos i have seen enough marriages with commitment issues. Marriage and commitment can co-exist but don't necessarily do. Still, i think our families need closure and i think alright.. let's give it to them. It's happening in November and i want it small so if you don't get invited…just don't invite me for yours! It's that simple. If you did invite me for yours and i can't invite you for mine - i am sorry..we have a quota! Its money people..i rather save that money for a holiday with my partner than spend tons making it huge. Its a personal ceremony anyway and all we want are your blessings. Which now boils down to the following QUESTIONS..

1. Where shall the wedding be held?
2. Do i really have to go india to shop for my wedding?
3. What food do we cater?
4. Can i not do some of the misogynistic ceremonies that are all man-made..(i probably won't)..

If you catch me looking lost and slightly disjointed..its is cos i am looking for a place to get married.


Pretty much. That's it.



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